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Wall Removalists


Wall removal is an important aspect for many renovating projects.
When you are demolishing an internal or external wall it is critical to maintain sufficient support for the remaining structure so it doesn’t become unsteady and unstable.
Below is a list of contact details of wall removalists that have been used by our clients in the past.
We Move Walls
Phone: (08) 9479 5080
Email: info@wemovewalls.com.au
Web  : www.wemovewalls.com.au
Old 2 New Renovations
Phone: 0405 265 369
Web  : www.old2newrenovations.com.au
ABC Wall Removers
Phone: 0408 904 310
Email: info@abcwallremovers.com.au
Web  : abcwallremovers.com.au
WA Wall Removal
Phone: 0407 986 852
Email: admin@wawallremoval.com.au
Web  : www.wawallremoval.com.au

  We take no responsibility for the work carried out by these external companies.

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