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Timber Products

The surface finish coating must be maintained in good condition on both internal and external faces. This can be achieved by regular cleaning with non abrasive cleaners and refinishing before breakdown of the coating occurs.

Initial finishing and refinishing must include all edges of sashes and doors including top and bottom. Steel wool or other metallic abrasives must not be used to sand cedar and other fine grain timbers. Use fine grit sandpaper or sanding blocks.

To avoid water staining keep tracks and sash openings clean and free of debris which may retain water. Ensure that the weep slots in windows and doors are kept clear to allow maximum drainage.


Name Plates and Identification Plates

Please leave Cedar West name plates and part numbers on products for future reference.



All products should be adjusted as required to maintain optimum performance. Adjustment instructions are either supplied with the product or are readily available from our Head Office in Walliston.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that designs and specifications are adequate for the situation envisaged and that they conform to the relevant standards and codes for the environment in which they are placed.

This warranty is in addition to all other rights and remedies in respect of this product to which you are entitled under the Trade Practices Act and similar State and Territory laws.


Colour Variation

Variation in colour and texture is a natural characteristic of timber products.

Displays, examples, images and brochures are intended as an indication only.

Customers should ensure that current batches are acceptable before installation, and onsite blending and maintenance is carried out in accordance with our instructions. 

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