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100% Solid timber, no veneering or finger jointing

unless specified otherwise

Colour Variation

Western Red Cedar is renowned for its unmatched natural beauty, including vast colour variation.

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Flutestyle - 40mm Lining (SS40)

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Flutestyle timber lining with hit-and-miss battens
Be inspired by the stunning new range of Flutestyle natural timber linings.
Flutestyle timber linings can be installed on the walls, on the ceiling, or anywhere you want to create an impressive timber feature... the options are limited only by your imagination! 
Flutestyle timber lining with secret-fix installation  Flutestyle timber lining with hit-and-miss battens  Flutestyle timber lining with hit-and-miss battens
Flutestyle screen linings are made from beautiful solid timber and are available in 12mm and 40mm batten sizes (or a combination of the two sizes).
Featuring an exclusive clip system, Flutestyle screens are simple to install, and can be cut and customised on site without having to be calculated and ordered in prefabricated panels.
Our prefinished Flutestyle modular screening system is supplied in two components: black, secret-fix aluminium clips and lengths of prefinished timber. 
It can be installed in both vertical and horizontal applications, on walls or ceiling surfaces.
Cedar West’s Flutestyle screening system is milled from genuine timber and is available in specified lengths.
Flutestyle screening systems are ideal for all internal applications including patios, alfrescos, porticos, feature ceilings, bulk heads etc.
Flutestyle timber lining with hit-and-miss battens   
Flutestyle is simple to install and can be customised on site.
Available in multiple configurations


  Rich variation & warmth of real timber (not stained imitation)

  Secret-fix to battens with an exclusive clip system.

  Available in lengths of up to 6m.

  Fast, simple installation.

  Available in raw cedar or prefinshed in natural cedar or walnut stain*. 

  Flutestyle lining system is supplied in two components: black aluminium clips and lengths of solid timber (battens).

  Available with 12mm and 40mm battens (or a combination).

  Clips are 20mm wide and 172.5mm long (with a 168mm cover).

  Each clip can be fitted with 6 x 12mm battens or 3 x 40mm battens (or a combination).

  Recommended rafter spacing for clips is 600mm.

  Battens are attached simply by pushing the timber into the clip*.

  Flutestyle is suitable for both internal and external applications*. 

  *For areas that have direct or reflective UV exposure, we recommend that you select raw cedar (not prefinished) and apply a coating or oil that is suitable for use in high UV areas. It is also recommended that an external-grade adhesive is used when installing the batten onto the clip.

Detailed Drawings

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Flutestyle clip detail

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