Clipstyle - 18mm Lining/Cladding

Clipstyle - 18mm Lining/Cladding (PA2146)
Clipstyle - 18mm Lining/Cladding (PA2146)

Our raw Clipstyle hit & miss lining board product is precision machined and has a unique secret-fix clip system.

Cedar West Clipstyle hit & miss lining board is milled from genuine timber and is available in specified lengths.

Clipstyle can be used as a timber screen or as a beautiful timber feature. It is ideal for all applications that are exposed to direct weather.

Clipstyle is supplied wrapped in plastic for protection during transport.

We also have a range of stocked and custom raw trims available.

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  65 x 18mm Cover
  Also available in 38mm thick
  Specified lengths available
  Suitable for exposed applications
  Alfresco & patio ceilings, entrance hallways, porticos, balconies and interior wall panelling
  Rich variation & warmth of real timber (not stained imitation wood)
  Secret-fix to battens with an exclusive clip system.

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