Federation Renovation

Federation Renovation

This majestic Federation home has been extensively renovated, and a two-storey extension has been added at the rear of the building.

Cedar West worked closely with the designer (Griffiths Architects) and builder (Buildcor) to provide bespoke new timber doors and windows that complement the traditional elements of the home. The original leadlight glass panels were retained, and were carefully incorporated into the new joinery.

Custom-made timber windows with elegant glazing bars have been added around the sweeping staircase. New French doors also bring light into the home, and a beautiful sunroom has been created beside the kitchen, filled with elegant double-hung windows. 

All of the new doors and windows have been double glazed to provide improved thermal and acoustic performance. Internal glazing bars have been used with the double glazing, which creates a refined, elegant look. 

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* Double-hung windows
* Fixed windows
* Glazing options
* Bristol doors customised with additional lites

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