Watsons Bay Residence

Watsons Bay Residence

This beachfront residence has been updated to create a relaxed coastal home reminiscent of an old European seaside hotel or Caribbean holiday house.

The house was remodeled by design studio Handelsmann + Khaw. The original structure and pagoda-like roof were retained, but the internal layout of the home was reconfigured. As part of the renovations, the old doors and windows were replaced with new timber joinery by Cedar West, including double-hung windows and double Andover doors. 

External timber shutters were also added to create charm and provide shade. The shutters are a combination of fixed and moving panels, and many of the shutters can slide to the side to provide privacy and sun protection. 

The timber shutters, doors and windows have been painted a unique Caribbean green, which reminds the owners of seaside vacations in Barbados, Provence and the Amalfi Coast.  

This home has been featured in Belle Magazine:


Belle Magazine

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