Bushfire Rating Information

Bushfire Rating Information


Cedar West manufactures joinery in a range of BAL Rated timbers

If your property is located in a bushfire prone area, you may be required to meet additional planning and building requirements. This can affect the materials and construction methods you use.

You may also require a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment prior to building or developing your property. A BAL rating will determine how susceptible your property is to bushfire damage, and will establish the construction requirements for your building.



Can you Build with Timber in Bushfire Prone Areas?

Timber products can be used in some bushfire prone areas, depending on your BAL rating and other circumstances. 

Cedar West can supply timber joinery that is suitable for use in bushfire prone areas with a rating up to BAL-29 (subject to meeting relevant criteria). Our joinery is made to measure, so we are able to incorporate bushfire-compliant seals, toughened glazing and other components to help you meet the requirements of the Australian Standards.

We use a variety of BAL-rated timbers and bushfire-resisting timbers to manufacture our joinery. New Guinea Rosewood is frequently used for buildings with a BAL-19 rating. Other bushfire-resisting timbers (such as Merbau) can be used in areas with a rating of up to BAL-29. Bushfire-resisting timbers are timber species that are naturally resistant to fire up to a BAL-29 condition.

Contact us today for more information about using Cedar West joinery in bushfire prone areas.  



Can you Use Timber Cladding in Bushfire Prone Areas?

Timber linings and claddings can be used in some bushfire prone areas, depending on your BAL rating (and subject to compliance with the Australian Standards). Properties with higher BAL ratings may be restricted in their use of timber cladding.

For more information about timber cladding, please ask our sales team.



If you are building in a bushfire prone area, please contact us to discuss whether Cedar West timber products may be suitable for your project.

Further reading:

A Guide to Windows & Doors in Bushfire Prone Attack Areas by the Australian Window Association

Disclaimer: The information herein is general in nature and should not be relied upon as specific professional advice. For advice about your specific circumstances, we recommend you contact the relevant authorities and/or professionals. Cedar West does not accept any liability or responsibility for actions taken based on this information.

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