Factory Priming

Factory Priming

Professionally applied primer for joinery

Did you know that Cedar West can apply a commercial grade primer to your joinery before it is delivered to site?

This makes it easier and faster to apply the topcoats onsite, and increases the life of your joinery.

Our in-house painters can apply a white or grey primer to the timber right here in our factory, before the joinery is glazed and delivered for installation. Having your timber pre-primed reduces the likelihood of marking and water damage, as the timber has a layer of protection before it even arrives on site.

Once the joinery has been glazed and fitted, your Master Painter can add your selected paint finish in the colour of your choice. Choose classic white paint, contemporary black gloss or something completely different and unique. Make your first impression last.

Give your painted joinery a professional, quality finish by requesting factory priming for your next project.


 All Timber sealed prior to glazing
 Minimizes Master Painter onsite costs
 Minimizes site damage
 Increase the life of your joinery
 Professionally applied in factory
 Commercial grade coatings, not just a temporary oil

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