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Pre-Oiled Mouldings

Pre-Oiled Mouldings


Professionally applied oil-based coating for timber mouldings

Cedar West can factory pre-oil timber cladding, linings and other mouldings using a quality oil-based wood coating.

We use a purpose-built machine to apply the oil to ensure that the timber is coated consistently on all four sides. Machine oiling is often considered superior to hand-painted application, as the machine applies a regulated, consistent layer of oil. The oil penetrates the timber and helps to protect it from the harsh extremes of the Australian climate.



Watch our video to see the oiling line in action



Pre-oiling makes installation faster

Having the first layer of coating professionally applied in our factory makes it faster and easier to install mouldings out on site.

This is because all four sides of the timber already have a thorough, evenly applied first coat of oil. You don't need to waste hours on site coating the first side of the timber, waiting for it to dry, before turning the timber upside down and coating it all over again.

Instead, the timber is ready to be installed immediately, saving you time and money.



Which oil is used?

We use a clear coat of Cutek CD50, a premium-grade wood protection oil that is designed to keep timber looking great for years.

It is recommended that additional coat/s of Cutek oil be applied to the exposed sides of the timber following installation. Colourtones can also be added to the Cutek at this point to enhance the natural look of the timber and provide a rich variety of colour variations. 



Benefits of Pre-Oiling Mouldings

 No more waiting around for the first coat to dry

 Start installing your mouldings as soon as they get to site

 Reduces on-site labour costs

 Professional machine oiling provides reliable, consistent results

 Pre-oiling helps to increase the lifespan of the timber

 Minimises warping, cupping and splitting

 Pre-oiling saves time and hassle on site       

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