Product Recommendations and Maintenance Guide

Timber Joinery

A, All Cedar West doors and windows should be either primed (painted) or sealed promptly after installation. Ensure timber joinery is kept out of the weather until it has been painted or sealed. Allowing moisture into timber surfaces can cause swelling and shrinkage, often producing small cracks (surface "checks"), and possibly cupping/bowing. Uncoated timber that remains damp for extended periods may also develop dark discolouration due to surface mould. Exposure to direct sunlight and weather will eventually result in uncoated timber changing to a silver/grey colour.

B. Sealer or paint should be applied to every exposed surface of the timber (in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations with the correct number of coats on all surfaces, including primer). Initial finishing and refinishing must include all edges of sashes and doors including top and bottom.

C. If the joinery will be exposed to direct sunlight or high UV reflection, then we recommend that you choose light, reflective colours (dark colours can absorb heat which may cause timber movement). Use the same colour on all surfaces as different colours may cause timber movement and void warranty.

Sanding Products

D. Steel wool or other metallic abrasives must not be used to sand cedar and other fine grain timbers. Use fine grit sandpaper or sanding blocks.


E. The surface finish coating must be maintained in good condition on both internal and external faces. This can be achieve by regular cleaning with non-abrasive cleaners and refinishing before breakdown of the coating occurs. Wash windows, doors and glass regularly with a mild detergent solution or cleaner. Remove any built-up dirt and grime, especially on moving parts. Inspect and regularly clean the hardware and mechanisms. This is particularly important if you live in a coastal or inner city area. 

F. To avoid water staining keep tracks, seals and sash openings clean and free of debris which may retain water. Ensure that the weep slots in windows and doors are kept clear to allow maximum drainage.

G. Check and lubricate hinges, tracks, locks and handles as required. Multi-lock Espanulette hardware locking systems will require lubrication at least once a year, with possible minor adjustment by others.

Name Plates

H. Please leave Cedar West name plates and part numbers of products for future reference.


I. All products should be adjusted as required to maintain optimum performance. Adjustment instructions are either supplied with the product or are readily available from our Head Office.



Maintenance Guide 
(includes further information about painting and sealing joinery)


Warranty and Maintenance Information

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