Bringing Light Into Your Entry

Bringing Light Into Your Entry

When selecting a new front door, it’s worth considering whether any additional light is needed in your entryway.

If you want to increase the amount of light available, you can opt for an entrance set that incorporates glazing as part of the design, such as a full glass door, partially-glazed door, or a frame with sidelites or toplites (windows).

Windows and glazing provide a visual connection with the outdoors, bringing daylight into your home and allowing you to see visitors approaching.

Mosman door with hilite and sidelite  Leicester door with custom sidelites and toplites  Bromley door with timber glazing bars  Aston door with louvre sidelite  

Cedar West can design a custom entrance set to suit your requirements. We can manufacture bespoke timber frames with sidelites and/or toplite windows to complement your new front door. We can also incorporate louvres, awnings or even double-hung windows into your entrance set to bring in the sunshine.

See the images below for inspiration, or contact us to find out more about our custom-made timber doors and windows. 

Bond door with custom sidelites and hilitesDoncaster doors with large glass liteGrange door with custom sidelite


Carmel door with translucent glazingMosman door with louvre windowsO'Connor door with surrounding timber glazing


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