Cavity Sliders vs Stacking Doors

Cavity Sliders vs Stacking Doors


What’s the difference between a cavity slider and a multi-stacker?

Cavity sliders and multi-stackers are both excellent door systems, with a wide variety of uses. There are advantages to using both of these systems, depending on the design of the building.

As you can see from the photograph below, stacking doors slide neatly behind one another, whereas cavity sliding doors disappear completely inside the wall. 

The opening size is also different - stacking doors create an opening up to three-quarters of the size of the door frame (depending on the number of door leafs), however cavity sliders have an impressive 100% opening.


Cavity slider vs Stacking Doors 

Cavity Sliders 

Cavity sliders (also known as pocket doors) provide seamless connection between two areas. They can be fully opened to provide unobstructed access, with the doors disappearing into a pocket inside the wall. The doors can also be closed to separate two areas. Cavity sliders can be used both internally and externally -  check to ensure the door supplier can provide a weather-sealed system for external use. 

Here are some more images showing cavity sliding doors:

External cavity sliding doorExternal cavity sliding doorExternal cavity sliding door 


It is important to note that cavity sliding systems cannot be used in all situations – they require a wide space inside the wall to hold the door leafs when they are not in use. Stacking doors do not require any additional space within the wall, which makes them suitable for both new builds and renovations.

Stacking Door Systems

Stacker doors are also known as multi-stacking systems. The door panels slide behind one another on a multi-layered track system. The size of the opening depends on the number of door leafs - a three-door system will open up two-thirds, whereas a four-door system can be opened up to three-quarters.   

Here are some more images showing stacker doors:

Stacking DoorsMulti-stacker trackStacking Door 


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Cedar West offers timber stacking doors, internal cavity sliders and external cavity sliding doors as part of our wide range of custom-made door sysems. Contact us today to discuss which door system is best suited to your project. 

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