Cricket Bats on Doors

Cricket Bats on Doors


What do cricket bats have to do with doors? Well, a cricket bat is another name for a raised timber panel with a pyramid design. Check out the pictures below - can you see how the long timber panels resemble the shape of a cricket bat?

Bond Door with cricket batsCricket bat panelBond Door with cricket bats


Cricket bat panels are often found on traditional timber doors, and have an elegant, timeless appeal. Cricket bats add a sense of grandeur to any door design. 

Cedar West offer a wide range of timber doors with classic timber panels. Click here to find out more about our panel door designs: Panel Doors

If you would like to bring a little classic charm to your next project, Cedar West can custom-make a beautiful timber panel door with solid timber cricket bats. Contact us today to discuss your ideas. 


Empire door with cricket batsCricket bat panelFixed windows with timber glazing bars



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