What are Glazing Bars?

What are Glazing Bars?


Glazing bars add a refined, elegant touch to your doors and windows. Also known as “muntins” or “sash bars”, glazing bars are slim pieces of timber or metal that can be used to divide a single pane of glass into a series of smaller panes. 

Glazing bars can be used to create sleek, contemporary square-edged joinery as well as traditional grid designs and heritage styles, including Colonial style (with equal sized panes) and Federation style (with glazing bars around the perimeter of the glass) .


Stockport DoorsDouble-hung timber windows with glazing barsBexley Doors


Custom timber joinery by Cedar West with timber glazing barsCurved window with horizontal glazing barsFixed windows with timber glazing bars


Internal glazing bars available to suit double-glazing

Cedar West offers a wide range of doors and windows with solid timber glazing bars, including designs to suit double-glazed joinery.

Our team of specialists can also provide design advice to help ensure that the glazing bars align across both the doors and windows, and that the proportions are aesthetically pleasing. All of our joinery is custom-made to suit your requirements, so that you can achieve the look you want.

Interested in using timber glazing bars on your next project? Contact our design team today.


Custom timber doors and windows with glazing bars

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