What is a Transom Window?

What is a Transom Window?


Chidlow barn door with hilite / toplite / transom windowKent door with hilite window aboveChatsworth doors with arched transom window above


What is the difference between a “hilite”, a “toplite” and a “transom” window?

Actually there is no difference! All of these names are given to a window positioned above a door. 

A transom window gets its name from its location above the transom beam (the horizontal supporting beam that separates the door and the window).

A window above a door can also be known by other names, such as a “hopper” (an awning window that opens from the top), an “arch” (curved window) or even a “fanlight” (usually a semicircular shape with glazing bars that radiate out like a fan).

No matter what you call it, a window above a door can be an asset to your home. Not only does it add a little luxury to your entry, the window also brings light into the room without compromising privacy.

Many hilite window designs also have operable sashes, which means that they can be opened to bring fresh air into the home. This can help to release hot air trapped at the top of the room and also improve cross-ventilation.


Bifold doors with louvre windows aboveBelfast door with ornate transom window Mosman door with toplite window

Custom timber panel door with ornate transom window aboveBond door with hilite window aboveChatsworth door with curved toplite windowDoncaster doors with hopper awning window above


Cedar West Design Options

All of our timber doors and frames are custom made, which means that we can incorporate transom windows above most of our door designs. We offer fixed toplite windows, as well as operable transoms such as awnings and louvres.

Transoms above Windows
Transoms can also be positioned above other windows (eg arched transom window above a pair of casement windows). Cedar West can incorporate transom windows into most of our window designs. 

Contact us today to find out more about our custom timber door and window options.


Casement windows with arched transom light aboveFixed window with transom aboveCasement window with hilite aboveAwning window with toplite


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