Why Great Designers Choose Timber

Why Great Designers Choose Timber

 External timber cavity sliding door (rear) plus stacking door (left)


Timber adds richness and beauty to any building, but the benefits of wood go well beyond its appearance. 

Timber is versatile, sustainable and has excellent thermal and acoustic qualities. When timber is combined with craftsmanship, it transforms spaces, adds warmth and provides texture. Here are some of the many reasons why clever designers choose to use timber...

Mid-Century Modern Building with Timber Windows and Doors by Cedar West

1. Timber encourages creativity.
Wood is a modular component that is available in different lengths, widths and sizes. It is easy to join, customise and combine timber elements to create new and innovative designs. Its use is limited only by your imagination.


Mighton pivot door

2. Timber has personality.
Every piece of timber is unique, with a beautiful texture, natural grain and rich diversity. These are qualities that cannot be reproduced in any man-made product.


Garage door clad with timber

3. Timber brings nature into the built environment.  
Wood provides an instant connection with nature. When you add timber to a space, it instantly feels warmer, more inviting and more aesthetically pleasing.


Hamptons inspired home

4. Timber can easily be painted or stained to create different looks. 
Wood also has an impressive ability to accept and retain different types of painted finishes, making it extremely versatile and adaptable.


 5. Timber is natural, sustainable and biodegradable.
Wood is a renewable product that can be sustainably sourced from certified, well-managed forests. A natural, organic material, timber is an excellent choice to reduce environmental impact.


6. It takes less energy to produce timber than steel or aluminium. 
It takes approximately 19 times more energy to make a product from steel rather than kiln-dried timber, and 85 times more energy to make a comparable aluminium product1.


Corner timber windows

7. Timber evokes the senses.  
Timber looks beautiful, feels natural, and smells amazing. The presence of wood indoors has been associated with an enhanced feeling of wellbeing.

 Stacker doors leading to alfresco with beautiful timber lining

8. Timber stores carbon.  
Growing trees capture and absorb significant amounts of carbon dioxide. The carbon remains locked into the wood for the life of the timber, reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. 


Squarestyle timber lining

9. Timber adds vibrancy and energy to a space.  
Adding a hint of timber can bring warmth and vitality to a space. It can act as a welcome relief to man-made materials and elements. 


Flutestyle timber lining

10. Timber is an excellent insulator.  
The thermal performance of timber is 400 times better than steel and 1770 times better than aluminium2. Wood also absorbs sound and provides fantastic acoustic performance. 


Feeling inspired? 

Add timber to your next project with timber doors, windows and mouldings from Cedar West.
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All of the images in this article feature timber doors, windows or mouldings by Cedar West 

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