Peron (PE215)
Peron (PE215)

Striking Architectural Design.

The Peron is a distinctive, contemporary door design that contrasts the rich warmth of Western Red Cedar with the sharp, cool contours of the metal inlay.

The design features a band of brushed metal that runs the full length of the door, together with a number of striking, horizontal anodised metal inlay strips. The number and position of the metal strips can be tailored to suit your requirements.

The Peron makes an impressive architectural statement that is designed to make your first impression last. 

 All doors are custom-made to suit your size requirements
 Suitable for internal or external use
 12mm thick solid timber overlay bonded onto moisture-resistant core 
 Vertical timber grain as standard, horizontal grain optional
 Brushed metal inlay to one side
 Anodised 6mm x 6mm metal inlay strips included as standard
 Number and position of anodised metal strips can be customised
 Suitable for use with all Cedar West door frames (eg hinged, pivot, barn door etc)

Make Your First Impression Last