Camberwell (CA242)
Camberwell (CA242)

Modern Wave Design
The Camberwell features a contemporary 3D timber profile with rounded battens that rise and fall like a 'wave'.

The Camberwell also features a beautiful solid timber panel, which allows a wide variety of handles to be used with this design. The timber panel is visible on both faces of the door. 

This door is available in large sizes, and is custom made to suit your requirements.  

Matching Profile

The 3D profile on the Camberwell door matches our Wavestyle TG2257 timber lining

Wavestyle TG2257 matches the Camberwell door

This profile features 27mm wide ridged (rounded) battens.

Wavestyle TG2257 timber lining can be used elsewhere on the project to complement your Camberwell door and seamlessly integrate your timber features. 

 Camberwell profile features 27mm wide ridged battens.
 12mm thick solid timber panel (required for installation of hardware). Panel is visible on both sides of door. 
 Available with horizontal or vertical battens.
 Quality construction using solid timber boards bonded onto a moisture-resistant core. 15mm thick solid timber edging strips.
 Shadowlines not available.
 Detailing identical to both faces of door. 
 All doors are custom-made to suit your requirements. Fully customisable.
 Constructed from Western Red Cedar as standard, other timbers available on request.
 Suitable for internal or external use. 
 Can be used with Cedar West hinged, pivot and sliding door frames. 
 Pivot doors nominally 58mm thick as standard.

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