Cedar Grandstyle 70mm Cladding

Cedar Grandstyle 70mm Cladding (WC2185)
Cedar Grandstyle 70mm Cladding (WC2185)

Modern shadowline profile

The crisp, square edges of Grandstyle timber cladding create a sleek, contemporary look. 

Made from stunning solid Western Red Cedar, Grandstyle tongue-and-groove boards are available in three different widths. The three sizes can be used interchangeably to create interesting effects.

The boards can also be secret-fixed or face-fixed.

Grandstyle has been specially designed to allow for natural timber movement across the seasons, which makes it the ideal choice for areas that are exposed to the weather. 

Cedar Grandstyle cladding can be coated with Sikkens products to protect and maintain the colour of the timber or coated with Cutek oil and left to weather naturally to silver-grey.

 70 x 18mm Cover
  Milled from genuine Western Red Cedar and available in 300mm increments up to a maximum length of 6000mm.
  Supplied as individual tongue-and-groove boards.
  Grandstyle boards can be secret screw-fixed or face-fixed. 
  All profiles have an 8mm wide negative (shadowline) detail.
  Grandstyle is supplied raw, ready for painting, staining or sealing. 
  Recommended sealers for this product:
    (1) Sikkens (internal/external) 1 coat of Cetol HLSe followed by 2 coats of Filter 7 plus; 
    (2) Intergrain UltraClear (internal/external); or
    (3) Cutek (external only).
  May be used internally or externally.
  Suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications.
  Cladding should be fixed at 600mm centres, ideally by drilling and screwing with countersunk stainless steel screws evenly spaced from board edges.
 End butt joints must be joined over a ceiling joist or have a glued backing block to hold secure. 

For installation diagram see this page.


All denoted areas are to be Cedar Grandstyle Shadowline Cladding natural timber supplied by Cedar West and installed by a qualified installer as per the below specification and in accordance with good commercial practice and any relevant codes or standards;


The profile shall be Cedar Grandstyle Shadowline Cladding measuring 70mm by 18mm and the species shall be western red cedar, as per sample supplied by Cedar West.

The product shall be fully coated at the completion of the project with one coat of Sikkens cetol HLSe and two coats of Sikkens Filter7 plus as supplied by Cedar West.


All timber products should be climatised as required onsite to ensure moisture and temperature equilibrium with the surrounding environment prior to installation.

The cladding shall be installed (insert either horizontally or vertically)

The sub-frame shall be level and aligned and installed perpendicular to cladding direction over water-proof membrane at maximum 600mm centres.

The end stops and corner profiles shall be installed as required and fixed at maximum 600mm centres by pilot drilling and screwing  with countersunk stainless steel screws.

The cladding shall be fixed at 600mm centres by pilot drilling and screwing  with countersunk stainless steel screws evenly spaced from board edges.

The cladding shall be cleaned and maintained as required to avoid any accumulation of surface contaminants and to maintain the desired performance and appearance.

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