Cedar Lining - Secret Nail - Raw 84 x 12mm

Cedar Lining - Secret Nail - Raw 84 x 12mm (P1170)
Cedar Lining - Secret Nail - Raw 84 x 12mm (P1170)

Our secret-nailed, raw cedar lining is extremely versatile and can be used almost anywhere, inside and out. It is even suitable for use in external areas that are exposed to the weather.* 

Made from premium quality Western Red Cedar, this beautiful lining features a classic V-joint. The lining is also secret-fixed to showcase the natural allure of the timber and to create a sleek, streamlined look without any visible nails. 

Cedar West raw lining is milled from genuine timber and is available in specified lengths to be installed to timber battens with adhesive and stainless brads.

Raw cedar lining is supplied wrapped in plastic for protection during transport. We also have a range of stocked and custom raw trims available.

  84 x 12mm Cover. This product has a maximum span of 750mm.
  Rich variation and warmth of real timber (not stained imitation wood).
  Milled from genuine Western Red Cedar and available in 300mm increments to a maximum length of 6000mm.
  Specified lengths available.
  Kiln-dried for optimum stability.
  Suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications.
  Ideal for alfresco and patio ceilings, entrance hallways, porticos, balconies and interior wall panelling.
  May be used internally or externally. Suitable for exposed applications.
* To incease the lifespan of lining used in external applications, we recommend applying a suitable external-grade finish.     
  Recommended sealers for this product:
(1) Sikkens (internal/external) 1 coat of Cetol HLSe followed by 2 coats of Filter 7 plus; or
(2) Intergrain UltraClear (internal/external); or
(3) Cutek (external only).
  Secret-fix to battens with adhesive and 25mm stainless steel brads at maximum 750mm centres.
  End butt joints must be joined over a ceiling joist or have a glued backing block to hold secure. 
  Wrapped in plastic for protection during transport and handling.
  Matching raw corner beads and trim products available.

Installation diagram for Cedar West raw cedar lining 84mm x 12mm

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All denoted areas are to be raw timber lining supplied by Cedar West and installed by a qualified installer as per the below specification and in accordance with good commercial practice and any relevant codes or standards;



The profile shall be P1140 measuring 84 x 12 and the species shall be cedar, as per sample supplied by Cedar West.

The product shall be milled from the genuine species (not stained imitation wood) which is premium tight grain timber and seasoned for optimum stability.

The product shall be precision machined to furniture grade tolerances.

The trim products shall be (insert product) measuring (insert dimensions) and the species and timber specifications shall be the same as above.



All timber products should be climatised as required onsite to ensure moisture and temperature equilibrium with the surrounding environment prior to installation.

The sub-frame shall be level and aligned and consist of Straightline battens supplied by Cedar West and installed with countersunk screws at maximum 750mm centres.

The product shall be installed perpendicular to the sub-frame using suitable adhesive and 25x1.2mm stainless steel brads which are secret-nailed at maximum 750mm centres.

The product shall be cleaned and maintained as required to avoid any accumulation of surface contaminants and to maintain the desired performance and appearance.

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