Timber Gas Strut Awning Window

Gas Strut Window (GAS)
Gas Strut Window (GAS)

Gas Strut windows are a sleek, modern alternative to traditional windows. The window sash opens upwards, creating a wide opening that is ideal for kitchen serveries, entertainment areas, cafes, bars or anywhere that you would like to be able to connect your indoor and outdoor spaces. 
Gas strut windows provide an unobstructed view even when the sash is closed, bringing in light and making the most of any views. 
Our gas strut windows are custom-made to size using premium timber, and are available with a range of glazing options (including double-glazing). 
Quality Mechanisms
We use heavy-duty gas struts that are designed to open up to 105 degrees, providing a generous window opening. The locking system is fixed to the sides of the frame, which means that there is no need to cut holes into the bench. This allows for beautiful flow-through counters and benchtops.
Retractable flyscreen (optional)
Our gas strut timber windows can be supplied with an optional head-mounted retractable flyscreen. The screen is concealed in the top section of the window frame.
Flow-through sill available
We offer a range of sill options, including standard timber sill and 330mm serving sill. We also offer a flow-through design (no sill) for a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor areas. 

For more information about gas strut windows, contact us today. Our experienced team can discuss your requirements and offer expert advice.

  Custom-made to suit your height and width requirements. 
  Precision machined from premium timber.
  Available with: (i) standard timber sill; (ii) wide serving sill; or (iii) flow-through design (three-sided frame). Note that flow
through designs are recommended for undercover areas only. 
  Gas strut windows open to 105 degrees. 
  Internal retractable screens optional.  
  Gas struts have a matt black finish.   
  Keylock available (optional). 
  Hardware available in a range of colour options, including polished brass, brushed brass, signature brass, matt black, polished chrome, brushed chrome, polished nickel, distressed nickel and satin nickel. 
  Range of glazing options (including double glazing).  
 Ball-bearing hinges included to complement hardware finish.
 Timber frames available in clear finish grade or paint grade.  
  Available in raw timber or pre-primed in grey or white. 

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