Custom Sashless Window

Sashless Window (SAS)
Sashless Window (SAS)

Sashless windows are a sleek, contemporary alternative to traditional double hung windows. Featuring sashless glass panels that slide vertically to allow air to circulate, sashless windows are both beautiful and functional.

Sashless windows have all the advantages of a picture window with the added benefit of being fully openable.

The modern, sashless glass panels slide open to allow cool air to be drawn in through the bottom while warm air escapes through the top.

There are no borders or sashes around the glazing, just sleek glass panels that slide up and down effortlessly within a beautiful solid timber window frame.

We use superior quality frameless sashes supplied by companies like Aneeta and Jewel.

This design of window provides an unobstructed view whilst maintaining the option of ventilation. 

 Precision machined from 100% solid timber (no veneers or fingerjoints).
 Custom-made to suit your height and width requirements. 
 Two-position locking system - partially opened and fully closed.  
 Counterbalanced system for ease of operation.   
 Aluminium tracks available in four colours: white, brown, black or clear anodised.    
 Minimum sash width 250mm, maximum width 1200mm.
 Available in a range of glazing styles, with weather seals as standard.   
 Also available with raked and/or arched heads and/or sills.   
 Versions available for high exposure applications (3000pa wind loads, up to 1000pa water loads).  
 Available with raw timber frames or pre-primed in grey or white.  
 Timber frames available in clear finish grade or paint grade.
 Timber external flyscreens optional. 
 AS2047 compliant. 

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