Timber vs Steel

Timber vs Steel

Thermal Conductivity

Designers often ask us whether timber can be used instead of steel to create the square-edged joinery profiles required for special projects.

Of course the answer is absolutely "yes". Timber is fully customisable and can be manufactured with slim, sleek profiles that can be used to create square-edged joinery styles with slender bar details, as well as curved windows and arches and a huge range of architectural details and styles.

Timber is an excellent choice for windows, doors and specialist mouldings, and has a number of advantages over steel.  

Outstanding thermal properties

Timber has impressive acoustic and thermal properties. Western Red Cedar is well known for its excellent insulative properties due to its low density and the high proportion of air spaces. Cedar is the best thermal insulator among the commonly available softwood species.

In fact, Western Red Cedar has 400 times better insulation value than steel (and 1770 times better than aluminium). This makes cedar the ideal choice for your windows and doors, particularly when combined with thermal glazing.

Thermal Conductivity
Renewable Resource

Timber is a sustainable, renewable resource. It is a natural carbon bank and a greenhouse positive product with a lower net environmental impact than many other building materials, such as emission-intensive steel and aluminium.

Cedar West uses Western Red Cedar that has been responsibly sourced from well-managed forests. All of our cedar is obtained from suppliers with Chain of Custody accreditation from the Forest Stewardship Council ® or certification from the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

Glazing advantages

Steel joinery uses a putty glazing bead, which deteriorates over time and needs to be replaced on an ongoing basis. However, timber joinery does not require the use of putty so you will never have to worry about scraping or replacing old epoxy. Cedar West joinery is available with angled or square beads that create a sleek, slim-lined look without the need for putty. 

Other benefits of timber

Timber is a beautiful, elegant design element. It does not rust or oxidise, and is lighter and easier to install than steel joinery.

Custom timber joinery can also be much more cost-effective than steel (sometimes less than a third of the price), making timber the ideal choice for custom-made windows and doors.

Why Choose Timber

 Sleek profiles available
 Impressive acoustic and thermal properties
 Renewable and sustainable material 
 Not subject to rust or oxidisation
 Putty not required
 Lighter and easier to install       
 Customisable and cost-effective

Awning window with sleek timber profile
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