Vaucluse (VA101)
Vaucluse (VA101)

Modern Architectural Statement   

The Vaucluse is an impressive timber entrance door with a contemporary in-built metal handle. 

The black metal handle is a work of art, carefully integrated into the timber and extending the full height of the door. The handle creates a striking architectural detail with an industrial edge.  

The Vaucluse is part of our luxury door range and is made by experienced craftsmen from premium components including beautiful, rich natural timber and sleek aluminium.

This door is designed for use with our commercial-grade pivot system due to the volume of metal and timber. 

The Vaucluse is custom-made to suit your project, and is available in large format sizes to "Make Your First Impression Last". 

 All doors are custom-made to suit your size requirements. 
 Vertical timber grain as standard, horizontal grain optional.
 Quality construction using thick solid timber bonded onto a moisture-resistant core.
 Handle is constructed from solid aluminium, powdercoated in black (other colours available). The handle is comprised 
of two parts:
(1) A custom-made “C” channel that is recessed into the timber of the door; and
(2) A feature “pull plate”, which projects beyond the surface of the door for ease of opening. The plate is 300mm high and is fitted into the channel approx 850mm above the base of the door.

 Handle is 300mm wide (as standard).
 Note that fixings on handle are visible.
 Handle can be installed on the left or right hand side of the door.  
 The Vaucluse is designed for use with our commercial-grade pivot system.  

Make Your First Impression Last